Handmade Soaps


We make two types of soap at Hawkins Springs Farm: The majority are lye soaps, but they are not your grandmothers lye soap; the balance are translucent soaps. Our goal is to provide a bar of soap that not only cleans your skin, but one that is good for your skin as well as being pleasant to look at and smell. Our lye soaps are made with all plant-based oils and butters. Olive oil makes up the...

The Kissables Collection A Valentine Special


Valentines Day is always a special day, and particularly so for sweethearts and lovers. This year, Hawkins Springs Farm Bath and Body is pleased to introduce The Kissables Collection. Formulated with premium ingredients chosen carefully for their benefits to your skin, The Kissables Collection includes four distinct products, all packaged in a perfect little box complete with a mini-feather...

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