Cleaning Day


Happy Sunday!

Today we got down to the nitty-gritty and started cleaning this place. I was definitely not looking forward to it, but after strapping on the rubber gloves, enlisting Mr. Clean and armed with a new sponge, we got er done. It is so nice to find a resting place for your things. Like meeting up with an old friend when you pull your items out of the moving boxes. I knowcrazy! Anyhoooclothing, toiletries and goodies mostly put away. Havent started with the kitchen yet, but one thing at a time. Thatll be a BIG one.

On another note, hubby set up the new washer and dryer and..I cant believe Im going to say this, but Im actually looking forward to giving them a try. After a couple of weeks in a hotel before closing on this house and almost a week here, the laundry is certainly piling up. Hubbys starting to complain hes running out of unmentionables!! Nothing like a lack of undies to light a fire under him to get the washer & dryer hooked up! lol

Having made a dent in the unpacking feels great. Definitely time to sit back and enjoy a family movie night. How was your Sunday? Any great accomplishments this weekend?

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