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We make two types of soap at Hawkins Springs Farm: The majority are lye soaps, but they are not your grandmothers lye soap; the balance are translucent soaps. Our goal is to provide a bar of soap that not only cleans your skin, but one that is good for your skin as well as being pleasant to look at and smell.

Our lye soaps are made with all plant-based oils and butters. Olive oil makes up the biggest percentage of the oil used in each batch of soap, along with lesser percentages of coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil and/or soybean oil. Shea butter and/or jojoba are added to many bars of soap we make. Shea and other butters, specialty oils, organic materials and botanicals that are added to our soap will be noted in the description of each bar. We always look first for natural and/or organic colorants and fragrances; however, upon occasion we may use fragrances and colorants that are manufactured but they will be FDA- and IFRA-approved for soap making. Each bar of soap is labeled following INCI guidelines as to the ingredients used in that particular soap and will weigh 4-5 ounces per bar.

We are open to your requests for special soaps. There is a minimum order of 6 bars for any specially requested soap. There may be 4-6 weeks pass from the date you place your special request until your lye soap can be delivered due to two reasons: the time needed to obtain any special ingredients and the required cure time (up to 4 weeks) after making the soap. This cure time is inherent in making lye soap and is necessary for the soap to reach a quality that we deem acceptable to deliver to our customers. Like fine wine, lye soap only gets better with age. (An exception to the standard cure time is the Castile soap we make, i.e. 100% extra virgin olive oil, which requires a minimum cure of 3-4 months. Pure Castile, without fragrance or added color, considered the gentlest of soaps, is often the only soap recommended by pediatricians to use on infants.)

Many ingredients we use in our soaps have commonly known benefits, such as the softening properties fond in olive oil and shea butter. Some ingredients we use have been claimed to provide special and particular skin benefits not other than cleaning your skin. Some of our soaps contain shea butter which should be carefully considered by people who have latex allergies. Some of our soaps contain nut oils which should also be noted by people who are allergic to nuts. Please read our ingredient labels for our soaps before purchasing. We urge you to learn about these ingredients and come to your own conclusions for use and benefits.

For detailed information about our handmade natural soaps and the other health and beauty products click on the categories in the 2nd menu bar. We have lots of products that you will love and are healthy for your skin. After all we are here to Save Our Skin. Enjoy!

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