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Valentines Day is always a special day, and particularly so for sweethearts and lovers. This year, Hawkins Springs Farm Bath and Body is pleased to introduce The Kissables Collection. Formulated with premium ingredients chosen carefully for their benefits to your skin, The Kissables Collection includes four distinct products, all packaged in a perfect little box complete with a mini-feather duster.

The oils in this silky massage oil are all natural and of the highest quality and were selected for their benefits to the skin and application as a high-end massage oil. Flavored with a wonderfully warm and luscious butter pecan flavoring. Gently massage into the skin and enjoy. For external use only. (Contains nut oils.) 2 oz. bottle

Kissables Warming Nectar The ingredients in this warming lotion are all of the highest quality and were chosen for their lubricity and benefits/safety when applied to the more “delicate” areas of the body. Apply just a few drops as desired. Gently blowing on the applied lotion causes it to warm. Flavored with a most succulent strawberry flavoring. Enjoy! 2.5 oz. bottle.

Kissable Honey Dust The ingredients in this sweet and decadent body dust are all food-grade and of the highest quality. Honey Dust may be dusted lightly on the skin and hair. Non-staining and all-natural, this body dust will not damage fabrics but can provide hours of fun! A mini-feather duster is also included. (Color may vary). 2 oz. jar

Kissable Toe Jam This special “Toe Jam” has been formulated to provide a stimulating toe and foot rub. The natural ingredients in this invigorating “jam” were chosen for their softening benefits to the skin. Infused with Certified Pure, Peppermint Essential Oil. Contains nut oils. 4 ml pot.

Supply is limited.

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