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After three months of unforgiving heat this summer, I am looking forward to fall and all it brings with it: cooler temperatures for sure, October birthdays, and putting our summer garden to bed. With the holidays looming just around the corner, my focus will turn to new soaps and bath and body products for the Christmas season. This past week has caught me finally squeezing in a few days of soaping with some new fragrance oils including a tomato soap, for those who didnt get enough fresh tomatoes this summer, and a new beer soap that promises lots of sudsy bubbles perfect for a shampoo bar.

The new fall line-up will include a new coffee soap and the debut of our new signature fragrance in a soap and other goodies. Check back often for pictures and descriptions. Since our gardening is nearing the end, Greg and I both can devote more time to our personal passions: soap and gourds for me and astrophotography for Greg. We can hardly wait.

We are currently making time to reorganize our work spaces. The new barn is completed. The casita is being transformed to my new soaping space. The hot summer temps required that we put most of this work on hold until it cooled off and that time has arrived and we are ready to get moving again. Check back every couple of weeks to check our progress and for new products. Fall is definitely in the air!

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