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June has been very busy here at Hawkins Springs Farm and finding the time to update this blog has been fruitless (pun intended!) The garden is starting to produce a variety of crops, Saturday Market (at The Artichoke Restaurant in Langley) has been busy, the grass keeps growing and the new irrigation system is finally in place. However, I have been able to squeeze in the production of the summer selection of whipped shea butters, in luscious Valencia, which smells like an orange dreamsicle, and the light and fresh Bergamot and Grapefruit. Both are all natural utilizing essential oils for their fragrance components. Stop by the Market to try them out.

Another new item is called Liquid Gold, an all-natural, leave in hair conditioner in a handy spray bottle. Made with Argan oil (compare to Morrocanoil), with silk added for strengthening the hair shaft, Liquid Gold is perfect for daily use. For extra protection, apply before and/or after swimming, as well as any time you are going to be out in the hot Oklahoma summer sun. Two or three short spritzes on either damp or dry hair daily for conditioning and shine is all you need. For those of you with long hair, like myself, Liquid Gold will also make combing your hair much easier as the oils in the product enhance glide put an extra spritz or two on those long ends to help keep them in shape.

A new Honeysuckle soap is ready for the summer as well. It is a gorgeous tri-color swirl of yellow, green and soft orange and smells divinely like our summer Honeysuckle. Look for a new soap posting soon.

My mind works overtime and is always thinking of new things I want to try and make if only I had the time. . . One new item I intend to make for the summer is a refreshing mint soap hopefully that will be available in early July. Ill keep you posted.

I have been putting off raising the prices of our bath and body products, but even though gas prices are now starting to inch down since spring, the cost of the soap ingredients have not reflected that decline yet, and who knows if they will. In addition, the world-wide shortage of jojoba oil, which I use in many of my products, has caused sky-rocketing price increases to the point of doubling what the cost was this last December. We will not see any reduction in the price of this ingredient until the next crop comes in and is processed, which should be next December; hopefully the fall jojoba crop will be abundant and will reflect a reduction in its price. Because of these price increases, I am now required to raise some prices and these will be reflected on each affected product.

The busy-ness here at the farm this year has caused me to reflect on our stressful society theres absolutely nothing wrong with being busy and working hard our parents and grandparents worked hard and didnt have the conveniences we have today, but research shows that our current, fast-moving society experiences much more stress. As I pondered this, it came to my mind that, in our streamlined, modern society, everyone (well nearly everyone) takes showers a variety of reasons for this include the onset of showers being built in homes beginning in the 70s, the convenience of a shower vs a bath and the time factor takes less time to take a shower than waiting to draw a tub of water for a bath. However, have we ever stopped to think about how this shower taking has contributed to our stress levels? I did and it hit me OMG, we are contributing to our own demise by not slowing down long enough to take a soaking bath and relax, even for ten minutes, at the end of our day! With that thought in mind, I am now going to promote to all of my customers the benefits of bathing, rather than showering, and offer a comprehensive line of bath, and I really mean bath by its true definition, products a variety of bath salts, milk baths with herbs, and fun little bath fizzies. Hydrotherapy, or balneotherapy, has a very, very long history (think Roman baths) and has scientifically proven benefits to the mind and body think about how many (expensive) spas there are today and people flock to them. But you can do this at home and reap the same benefits for a fraction of the cost of a spa retreat. Look for an upcoming post about this soon print it out to read while you take your restorative bath. p.s. light a candle and pour yourself a small glass of wine to sip while in the tub relaxing you cant do that in the shower!

Finally, the great news I have to share is that the very popular, official state magazine, Oklahoma Today, contacted me in late May and asked if they could feature my soap in their upcoming July/August issue. Of course, I said Yes! At their request, I sent them four of my most colorful soaps for them to photograph for the article (to be found in their Marketplace section). At this point, I dont know if all of them will be included in the article, but the soaps I sent were Rockn’Roll, Terra Rosa, Dragons Blood, and my Papohaku Spa Bar. Not only are these soaps colorful but all are very popular with our customers.

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